Most common questions we get.

Our team of trusted professionals will ensure your home or business is cleaned to your expectations every time we visit and our back office staff will ensure you have a hassle free experience.

1. When can we get started?

You can click above to get your free quote. From there, we can get you on the schedule as soon as possible. We offer online booking in just under two minutes. If you don’t find the day or time you are looking for, call our office and we will work to get you a time that works for your schedule.

2. Do I have to be home to have my house cleaned?

No, you can arrange a way for us to access the home and we can come when you’re away.

3. What should I do with my pets when your team is at my home cleaning?

Our Cleaners are all pet friendly! As long as your pet is human friendly when you’re away, you can let your pet’s go about their normal routine. If your pet would rather have its owner home around strangers, we ask that you let us know and we can arrange a time that fits your schedule to make sure you are able to be home while we are there.

4. If we schedule ongoing cleans do you arrive the same time every clean?

Typically we arrive within same time frame every clean, though we do like to have a 2 hour window for unseen delays, once on a regular maintenance schedule, time frame is approx the same time/day give or take every time we arrive.

5. Will the same person clean my home every time?

Yes! Normally you will have the same Cleaner every recurring clean.We try our very best to keep one cleaner in your home or business, though, we do like to have two cleaners introduced to you and your home within the first 60-90 days so that when your team is sick or on vacation you are familiar with another team as well.

6. Are you fully insured?

Yes we are! Quality Clean Services has all necasssary liability insurance

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